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Legendary Superfruit

The baobab fruit is a nutrient powerhouse packed into a hard shell that kinda resembles a shrunken coconut but tastes more like a lemon: tangy, citrusy delicious. This bad boy is packed with all the good stuff like vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and a ton of fiber for a happy and healthy gut.

Rooted In The Gut

Holistic health starts with a healthy microbiome. Baobab powder is rich in a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibers that fuel beneficial bacteria and nourish the gut lining.



Over the dry plains of the African savannah, the God’s were having a bad day. They ripped up some trees and threw them back down to earth, landing upside-down with their roots reaching to the sky. Despite this funk in their trunk, these upside-down giants gave shade from the scorching sun, water to the animals and shelter to local tribes. From this Tree-of-Life fell pods of golden goodness, the baobab fruit filled with enough vitamin C to shame an orange, enough calcium to shun a cow, and a level of potassium that would make a banana blush.

Baobab fruit tree artwork
Baobab superfruit in food
Baobab superfruit in food
Baobab superfruit in food

A superfruit before superfoods were even a thing. Not just nutritious but tangy-citrusy-delicious. Wise African tribes have been using baobab fruit for a hot minute (we’re talking centuries) grinding it, chopping it, mixing it, into energy drinks, snacks, stews.

Baobab superfruit powder

They discovered that the benefits of this baogoodness was rooted firmly in the gut where, like the roots of the tree, its nourishment branches out and extends beyond just another “gut health” label. An ancient fruit made for modern day consumption, the baobab is simply ground into a powder and ready to use in whatever-which-way you like it. With all this goodness, packed into one, our baobest powder is bringing wellness back to basics.


Baobest is guided by nature at every step of the value chain. We believe both people & planet should be at the forefront of what we do and how we do it.

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