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Baobest is guided by nature at every step of the value chain. We believe both people & planet should be at the forefront of what we do and how we do it.

Baobab harvests bring valuable income and economic opportunity to support and uplift communities in rural Africa.

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Baobab trees are not farmed, the fruit is wild harvested and the habitats and trees themselves remain undamaged. Minimal processing is required, and our operations are climate neutral.

Improving global health through enhanced nutrition and a holistic health solution.

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Sustainably Harvested Supporting Communities Climate Neutral Enhanced Nutrition

baobab fruit

While most superfoods are farmed, potentially threatening natural habitats, our fruit is all wild-harvested and picked by hand.

We wait until those babies are ripe and ready, naturally falling off the tree. No plucking or pulling here—just letting nature do her thing. The trees remain undamaged, so they can keep on keeping on for generations to come.

Baobab fruit south africa

Baobab harvesting isn't just about gathering fruit

It’s about empowering local communities in more ways than one.
When communities harvest baobab fruit, they’re not only tapping into a valuable natural resource but also creating economic opportunities right in their backyard. Harvesting baobab fruit provides jobs and income for locals, whether it’s through collecting, processing, or selling the fruit and its by products. This economic boost helps support livelihoods, improves living standards, and strengthens community resilience. Additionally, baobab harvesting encourages sustainable land management practices, fostering a deeper connection between communities and their environment. By investing in baobab harvesting, rural communities are not only reaping the benefits of a nutritious superfood but also cultivating a brighter future for themselves and their families.


Guided by local wisdom

As our harvesting partners, these women serve as the true custodians of the baobab tree and its fruit. Our harvesting process is guided by their local wisdom to ensure that it benefits these remote communities for generations to come.